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Automated Hematology Analyzer Convergys® X5

Brand: Convergent Technologies
Product Code: Convergys® X5

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The Convergys® X5 offers an optimal solution for hospitals, clinics and practices, which require a high throughput 26 parameter analyzer with laser based optical measuring technology for precise and accurate 5-part differential results.

Main features:

  • 26 parameter 5-part WBC differential
  • Laser scattering technology
  • 100 µl sample volume of whole blood
  • 25 μl optional small sample module (SSM) for pediatric use
  • 60 tests per hour throughput
  • 65 tests per hour throughput with optional Autosampler
  • Strict lysing process for best quality WBC differentiation
  • Integrated clog prevention system
  • 800×600 dots color graphic touch LCD
  • Easy-to-use menu, based on embedded Windows 8.1 software
  • Large data storage for 100.000 records

*SSM is validated for use with 3 tube types-BD Microtainer MAP, Sarstedt-Monovette and vacutainer to provide precise results on diluted samples. For use in open vial emergency mode only.


Country Germany
Technical specification
Ambient temperature/humidity 5° to 30° C, 59-86° F (Optimal temperature is 25 °C, 77 °F), 20%~ 80% RH
Aperture Diameter 70 µm (RBC/PLT), 80 µm (WBC/HGB)
Barcode identification Optional Manual Barcode Scanner via USB, Built-in Barcode Scanner in Optional Autosampler
Chambers 3 Chambers for Diluting Whole Blood and Counting; 1:MIX, 1:RBC,1:WBC+HGB
Clog prevention High-Voltage Pulse on Aperture in Each Analysis Cycle; Chemical Cleaning; High-Pressure Back Flush of Aperture with Cleaner Reagent
Dilution Ratios WBC/BAS 1: 170, RBC/PLT 1: 21250, 4 DIFF 1: 50
Dimensions (W × D × H) 515x 480 x 410 mm
HGB measurement Integrated in WBC Chamber. Light source: Green LED with 568 nm Wavelength Detector: Light to Frequency Converter
Measuring method Volumetric Impedance Method for WBC and RBC, Spectrophotometry for HGB, Laser Light Scattering Technology for 5-part WBC Differential
Memory 100.000 Records including Flagging, 4-Diff and BAS-Scattergrams, RBC and PLT Histograms
Optical Measurement Optical Measuring Head with closed Protective Housing Light source: Semiconductor Laser Diode with 650 nm Wavelength and 7mW (Class IIIB) Sample Path: Quartz Flow Cell with Hydro-Dynamic Focusing Detector: Fibre-Optic Coupled PIN Si Photodiodes with Internal Safety Interlock
Parameters CBC+5-part WBC Differential mode, 26 Parameters: WBC, LYM, MON, NEU, BAS, EOS, LYM%, MON%, NEU% BAS%, EOS%, RBC, HGB, HCT, MCV, MCH, MCHC, RDWcv, RDWsd, PLT, P-LCC, P-LCR, PCT, MPV, PDWcv, PDWsd
Quality Control Unlimited QC Levels, QC Parameters include: Mean, ± range, SD and CV for all Measured and Calculated Parameters, 16- and 64-day Levey-Jennings charts, Separate QC Database
Reagent system Isotonic Diluent, Hemolysing Agent (WBC, HGB), Hemolysing Agent (WBC, HGB, LYM, MON, NEU, EOS, BAS), Hypocleaner
Sample volume 110 µl of whole blood, 25 µl with small sample volume module (SSM) option
Throughput 60 tests / hour in the normal operations and 65 tests / hour with optional Autosamper
Weight 35 kg