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Automatic compact POCT analyzer InnovaStar®

Brand: DiaSys Diagnostic Systems
Product Code: InnovaStarr

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Fully automatical system for diabetes diagnostic and controll. Right choice for laboratories and practice doctors. 
    • Fully automated system – no manual steps required during measurement
    • Single cartridge containing all reagents needed for testing
    • Precalibrated tests – no time-consuming calibration – cost saving
    • Measurement of up to four tests from one sample
    • Easy to use, high measurement specific, fast test result
    • Measuring up to 4 parameters for diabetes control (HbA1c, Glucose, Hemoglobin, CRP) from one sample
    • Analyzer automatically provides a sample individual hematocrit correction for CRP and Glucose. By this correction plasma values are calculated even if whole blood samples are used.
    • It is enough just 10 μL whole blood for testing


Country India
Technical specification
Barcode identification Automatic barcode scan for reagents; Barcode scanner for samples optionally
Consumables Cartridges with all reagents on board, pre-calibrated, what guarantees test’s reliability .
Dimensions 200 mm (W) x 150 mm (H) x 170 mm (D).
Measuring method Photometric / Turbidimetric.
Measuring time Up to 7 minutes
Parameters HbA1c, Glucose, Hemoglobin, CRP
Sample Whole blood or plasma (CRP). Sample volume: 10 μL.
Thermostatic control Measurement constantly at 37°C.
Weight 4 kg