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Ultrasound System Edan Acclarix AX4

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Boasting innovative imaging technologies such as, tissue adaptive imaging – harmonic imaging, spatial compound imaging, eSRI (speckle reduction imaging), color doppler/power doppler/directional power doppler imaging, and pulsed wave doppler, the Edan Acclarix AX4 Ultrasound System delivers unmatched value and performance for a broad range of applications. This mid-range laptop-style ultrasound machine is incredibly sleek and features a tilt and swivel monitor, touchscreen interface, and solid imaging performance, making it ideally suited for abdominal, OB/GYN, MSK, vascular, basic cardiac, nerve, pediatric, and small parts.


Edan Acclarix AX4 Ultrasound System Features

  • New generation ultrasound platform.
  • 64 physical channels for exceptional system performance.
  • Exceptional computing power resulting in outstanding image processing.
  • 15″ HD monitor with hard glass that swivels and angles for optimal viewing.
  • Tilt and swivel monitor with 60° left/right swivel.
  • 10″ touch-screen with a innovative gesture control user interface.
  • Dual gesture driven touch screens for easy and efficient operation.
  • Additional 5″ touch screen features a virtual trackball.
  • Touch sensor allows for rapid battery level check in two different locations.
  • Removable lithium ion battery provides approximately 75 minutes of typical exam use.
  • Extended battery operation making it ideal for use in any care environment.
  • Full-sealed, easy to clean control panel to aid in infection control.
  • Inteligent Workflow:
    • Virtual TGC adjustment.
    • User-defined preset menu.
    • Gesture control user interface.
    • Detail/General/Penetration and high flow/medium.
    • Flow/Low flow quick-sets.
    • Connectivity: DICOM, 4 USB ports (2 2.0/2 3.0), ethernet, headphone socket, video out, PDF, AVI and BMP file export, microphone input.
  • An integrated 500 GB hard drive and four USB ports to archive images.

Edan Acclarix AX4 Ultrasound System Configurations

  • 5 -12 MHz Linear Array (#AX4-L12-5Q).
  • 7 – 17 MHz High Frequency Compact Linear Array (#AX4-L17-7SQ).
  • 2 – 5 MHz Curved Linear Array (#AX4-C5-2Q).
  • 2 – 5 MHz 3D/4D Mechanical Curved Array (#AX4-C5-2MQ).
  • 4 – 8 MHz Endocavity Curved Array (#AX4-E8-4Q).
  • 4 – 8 MHz Micro Convex Array (#AX4-MC8-4Q).
  • 1 – 5 MHz Phased Array (#AX4-P5-1XQ).
  • 1 – 5 MHz Phased Array (#AX4-P5-1Q).