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Eppendorf Research® plus Pipette

Brand: Eppendorf
Product Code: Research® plus

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1. Control Button: Very low operating forces and color coding for easy identification of pipette volume. Ergonomic height even at maximum volume to limit strain on thumbs
2. Volume Setting: Set your desired volume in just a few turns even when moving from minimum to maximum volume
3. Ejector: Very low operating force and positioned in such a way that thumb strain is reduced when moving to eject tips
4. Volume Display: 4 digit display with magnifying window to allow for more accurate volume setting and easier volume identification
5. User adjustment: Option to temporarily adjust the pipetting volume by up to ±2 % to offset inaccuracies when working with difficult liquids (e.g., warm, cold, volatile or high density liquids). Return to factory adjustment without calibration
6. Eppendorf TrackIT: Embedded RFID data chip for heightened traceability in combination with Eppendorf TrackIT
7. Eppendorf PerfectPiston®: Ultralight, chemically resistant piston provides for overall weight reduction of the pipette
8. Spring loaded tip cone: Improves ergonomics by lowering tip attachment forces and reproducibility by ensuring consistent tip attachment


Technical specification
Application Pipetting of aqueous liquids, two-button operation
Autoclavable yes
Available options 1-channel 8-channel 12-channel
Operation manual
Pipetting type air-cushion
Positioning Ultra light weight and pipetting forces for ultimate ergonomics
Volume range 0.1 µL – 10 mL