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Semi-automated photometer StarDust MC15

Brand: DiaSys Diagnostic Systems
Product Code: StarDust

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StarDust MC15 is a semi-automated photometer for almost any laboratory set-up. Its simultaneous processing of multi-cuvette strips allows reading of 15 endpoint chemistries in only 1 minute or 15 kinetic chemistries in only 4 minutes. Batch, random access and profile modes allow to perform sample analysis according to different laboratory needs thus improving sample workflow.

  • Four strips of 15 multi-cuvettes can be incubated at 37°C in parallel.
  • Standardized mixing time guarantees perfect homogenization of sample and reagent.
  • The cuvettes have two compartments for sample and reagent which makes subsequent processing steps easy and convenient.
  • Small reagent volumes.
  • No daily start up procedures – immediately available for use.
  • Minimized cleaning procedures.
  • No water supply needed.
  • Almost maintenance free.


Country Germany
Technical specification
Band width Less than 8 nm
Dimensions 58 cm (W) x 57 cm (D) x 20 cm (H)
Light source 20 W Halogen lamp
Measuring method Photometric
Minimum reagent volume 400 μL
Photometric range ± 2% from 0 – 2.5 Abs.
Spectral range 320 – 670 nm
Standard filters 340, 405, 500, 546, 578, 630, 670 nm (free space for one additional filter)
Weight 20 kg