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Video Colposcope EDAN C3(A)/C6(A)

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With its bright LED cold lighting system, high-resolution camera and electronic green filter, the C6 Video Colposcope realises full-screen display of precise cervical examination, offering crucial and accurate information for clinical decision making.


  • LED cold lighting system reproduces an original view of tissue
  • Advanced and fast auto-focusing system ensure clear image
  • Remote capture control and user-friendly keyboard layout for easy operation
  • Electronic green filter enhances vascular image display without compromise of illumination
  • Acetic acid and iodine reaction test timer to capture the right and precise image
  • Real-time display of magnification
  • Powerful image display and data management software


  • Dimensions: 792mm x 510mm x 1345mm (workstation), 201mm x 94mm x 1106mm (Colposcope)
  • Weight: Approximately 55kg